Bring your toys to life for bedtime stories

Snap a picture of your toy and we'll craft a story to take you on a new adventure every time

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Winner ofWinter 2022 Hackathon

Your child spends the day using their imagination to build a world for their toys

Bring that world to life at storytime as they drift away to sleep. Take a picture of the toy and in 60 seconds we'll write a story you can read to them

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How to use Toy Story Creator

Select images

Select images of your toy from your camera roll

Grab a coffee

You'll need to be quick though! It only takes moments to craft your story

Share, share, share!

Read and share your story with your friends and family

Snap, Select, Read.

It only takes three steps to create a unique story every time.

  1. Open the Toy Story Creator app and take a picture of your toy
  2. Select all the toys and characters you want featured in the story
  3. Tuck in tightly as we whizz you away into a fantasy world through a story featuring your toy characters

How much does it cost?

Toy Story Creator was a hackathon project and is currently free to use.

What age group is this suitable for?

Stories crafted by Toy Story Creator are suitable for children from 4 - 10.